Beacon Software Coronavirus (COVID019) Update

As we monitor the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reach out and assure our customers that we are keeping Beacon Software fully functional while protecting the safety and health of our staff and customers. As part of our SOC2 Certification, Beacon Software has a detailed Business Continuity Plan (BPC) designed to guide our business during unexpected events, such as COVID-19.

We know that managers and drivers alike are under unexpected strain, as stores and medical facilities require emergency shipments. We are here to support you and will continue to do everything in our power to make your jobs easier.

Beacon Software Employees

Currently, Beacon Software has advised staff to work remotely. Those who remain in our office have been educated on the Center of Disease Control (CDC) hygiene guidelines. We have instructed any employee feeling unwell or exhibiting flu-like symptoms not to report to work.

How this Affects our Customers

Our staff has always been equipped to work remotely and will continue deliver friendly, efficient and secure service. Beacon Software will remain open and fully functional. As news of COVID-19 develops, we will inform you of any pressing updates.




Beacon Software Enables You to Work Remotely

For those who find themselves in need of software that will enable them to work remotely, Beacon Software is here to help you and your employees work safely and efficiently from Anywhere. All of our Beacon Software services include the best features and functions, including the ability to work anywhere the job demands. Every Beacon product can be operated on a mobile device or from a computer outside your office.

1. Dispatch Anywhere – Your Next Employee of the Year

Efficiency is power, and it has never been easier. Dispatch Anywhere is the complete package with countless features: motor club billing, digital dispatch, driver commissions, GPS tracking and more. And now, Dispatch Anywhere gives you digital dispatch straight from motor clubs! No matter where the road takes you, Dispatch Anywhere will provide the tools to revolutionize your business. Click here to download Desktop and mobile.

2. TowMagic – Your Motor Club Connection

TowMagic is the number one motor club digital dispatch software for the small operator on the go. Enjoy our most popular features, including mobile GPS Map View for managers to track calls and drivers, calls from 16+ motor clubs, call entry / dispatch, Quickbooks ™, credit card processing and more, using a mobile device or desktop. Click here to download TowMagic Desktop and mobile.

3. TowLien- Your New Impound Partner

TowLien is the towing and roadside assistance industry’s number one automatic vehicle owner lienholder search and notification software. Available in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Click for more information!

Please contact us with any questions! Our office hours remain Monday - Friday 9AM EST to 6PM EST and after-hours emergency support is always available.


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