Beacon Software was Built to Help You Work from Home

In the era of COVID-19, working responsibly now means working remotely. More and more towing and roadside professionals are finding themselves relocating from their office to their couch. Thankfully, Beacon Software has always been your number one option for working from home or on the go! Regardless, we know how difficult it is to change a routine. That’s why Beacon is focused on offering education materials to our customers to make the transition easier. The following are just a few examples of how our features can give you peace of mind while you adjust to home office life.

Dispatch Anywhere Features to Help You Work Remotely

Text-to-Speech Notifications

Text-to-Speech will read aloud the text in Dispatch Anywhere. This is a useful feature or users who are not sitting in front of a computer, but still need to hear the most recently updated jobs. This feature is customizable, based upon your needs. Users can enable Text-to-Speech notifications by logging into their account and selecting the “Notifications” option. They can then select the notifications they want to hear. Users should make sure there is a check next to “Read Notifications.” Learn more about Text-to-Speech notifications on our Beacon Software support page!

Integrated Payment Solutions

Beacon Software has partnered with Metrics Global (Paya), Towing Payment Solutions (Xpress Pay), Square and Card Connect to offer multiple credit card solutions. Dispatchers and drivers now have the ability to take payment directly through desktop and mobile applications. To learn more about our payment solutions, watch our YouTube Tutorial on the Beacon Software Channel, or visit our Support Page.

Dispatch Anywhere for Driver Settings

The Dispatch Anywhere Driver App Settings are used to manage driver capabilities over the mobile application. Managers can designate how much control drivers have over their settings, including the following options:

  • Allow Drivers to Take Payment
  • Allow Drivers to View Service Pricing
  • Allow Drivers to Edit Services
  • Allow Drivers to Delete Services 
  • Allow Drivers to View Service Pricing
  • Allow Drivers to Edit Service Pricing
  • Prompt Drivers to Upload Photos 
  • Prompt Drivers to Capture Tow Ticket Signature
  • Prompt Drivers for Keys upon Arrival to Destination
  • Allow Drivers to Create Jobs

In order to begin editing DA Driver settings, select D.A. for Drivers on the left toolbar of your Dispatch Anywhere account. Here, you can edit company settings, enable QU Scan Assignments, enable Driver Checklists and enable “Require GPS Tracking” to view jobs. To learn more about your options, visit our support page!


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Our friendly support team is ready and eager to help resolve any questions or issues. If you need any help with any of our features, contact us so we can get you back on the road.