Maintain Your Businesses Profitability During and After COVID-19

Beacon Software is committed to helping your business stay profitable and efficient during COVID-19, which is why we continue to develop new software updates and resources for our customers. As things gradually get back to normal, Beacon wants to make sure our customers have the resources to keep up with upcoming industry changes. Below are some of the most significant updates we’ve made to Dispatch Anywhere, TowMagic, and TowLien.

Dispatch Anywhere

Dispatch Anywhere has the most advanced reporting of any dispatch software! Your customers can request service directly from your web-page and/or Facebook account with our Online Request Service Form. Robust performance, commissions, and accounting reports are critical for your business to operate at peak efficiency and with optimal resource spend. Below are a few updates for Dispatch Anywhere users.

· Job Alerts and Text-to-Speech Notifications

Text-to-Speech will read aloud (speak) the text in Dispatch Anywhere. Set up custom notification sounds for your job status in Dispatch Anywhere! Each user can enable custom settings that transfer to any location!

· Online Service Request Form

Dispatch Anywhere can take digital calls from your website, Facebook page, and dealership accounts without you ever having to pick up the phone! Visit our Help Center to learn more about how the Online Service Request Form allows anyone to request a job from your company, making dispatch and customer service reliable, fast, and flexible.

· Payment Solutions-Card Connect

Dispatch Anywhere now supports four different integrated payment solutions, including Card Connect! The Beacon Help Center provides useful information on all the credit card vendors that are partnered with Beacon Software.





TowMagic is your motor club connection. The software is easy to use and simple to install. Now, Beacon Software has even more reasons to love TowMagic.

· Chrome Browser Installation

TowMagic can be installed on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. If you don’t have Windows 10, or access to the store, run TowMagic through Google Chrome!

· Job Timeout Reminders

Never miss a job notification with job timeout reminders! Users can enable job reminders in TowMagic to receive alerts every 20 seconds when a job requires a response! All signed-in devices and users will receive the alerts until the response is sent.

· TowMagic Cheat Sheet!

Understanding your software is always easier with a handy cheat sheet! Download & print our quick reference guide for helpful hints and resources for using TowMagic at home or in the office!





TowLien has always been about eliminating the need to visit the post office and wait in long lines. Our easy-to-use web interface, automatic email reminders, and national registration search are just a few reasons why TowLien is the preferred lienholder search and notification software.

· Dashboard & Performance Filters

TowLien was designed to be user friendly and easy to use. Dashboard filters allow you to easily sort vehicles after logging onto the default view you’ve selected. There are three views to choose from: Action Required, Upcoming Reminders, and Needs Action. Learn more at our Beacon Help Center!

· Bulk Mailing- Mailing Multiple Letters in One Click!

Mailing Multiple letters has never been easier! TowLien bulk mail enables users to easily select every vehicle that has letters available and send out multiple communications all at once! This feature is useful for states that do not return owner or lienholder information instantly.

· Welcome Maryland!

We have recently updated the new TowLien website to include use for our Maryland customers! The New TowLien site now supports Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Maryland! Additional states are being added soon!




Featured Integrations

Beacon Software is constantly adding new integrations to expand our customer resources. The following are some of our latest partner integrations!

· Samsara

Please join us in welcoming our newest integration, Samsara! Samsara helps you keep up with demand. Juggle dispatch, fleet tracking with real-time GPS, weather, and traffic data to exceed your customer’s expectations. Contact to get your accounts linked for real-time asset tracking in Dispatch Anywhere!

· Intuit Quickbooks

Export your invoices in just a few clicks! Our new QuickBooks integration allows Dispatch Anywhere users to access QuickBooks online or on a desktop. Visit our Help Center to learn how to set up and export invoices.